Interesting thing for chula campus community

Interesting thing for chula campus community

If you are a student in Chulalongkorn University, you will certainly know where Central library and Charmchuli 9 are. These two places are very famous and important for every Chula student. This is due to the fact that these are the places where we can read the book all day and night especially in the test week, You will see a lot of Chula student there.  Although, these places are large, they still do not have enough 25000 students. In several times, we will see small war among students because they scramble for reading seats. Some students come so early to reserve a seat for themself and their friends, but their friends don’t come to get the seat so the student that come later can’t find the seat. These is become problem. I find that we can solve the problem easily from using social network as a tool which is interesting application

This interesting application is convenient for Chula campus community. It not only solves scrambled seat problem at Central library and Charmchuli 9 , but also helps student manage time and place to read book. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste your time if it doesn’t have seat, you can see from app and can find another place. In the application, you can book time and seat where you want. If someone don’t come to get the seat on time, the seat will be available.

With these ability of this application, I think is very useful tool for every Chula students and benefit for Chula campus community to make life in Chula easier.

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