Into the storm Review

Into the storm Review

Movie’s review : Into the storm

Detail : The film is set in the town of Silverton, on high school graduation day. Vice-principal Gary Morris has asked his two sons, Donnie and Trey, to make a time capsule video, to be viewed in 25 years later, of the seniors speaking about where they hope to be in their lives. A deadly storm is about to hit town but the community is unaware of it. At the same time an experienced storm chaser named Pete and his team, have tracked the storm to Silverton. they’re hoping to capture tornado footage for a documentary movie they’re filming. The storm turns out to be much bigger and more dangerous, than even they anticipated.

This is the movie I watched with my friend recently. I really like it because of its beautiful images, sound effects, and feelings. First of all, the tornado scenes were so impressive. They could get us so close to a real storm that we’ve never faced before. The climax which is a giant tornado destroying everything on the way it passed, made me thrilled and tense. My friend and I almost screamed in the theatre. The use of footage effects that showed the point of view from characters was so great. It created an authentic feelings to the audiences. Sound effects are other things that was well-selected. Every single sound made the movie be more realistic. If you were in the theatre at that time, you would feel that your seat was trembling. In addition, the movie delivered us various feelings such as excited, sad, and ridiculous. Your feelings were tossed again and again, making it exciting because you will never know what will happen next. At the end of movie, I knew that “Into the storm” wasn’t just a normal action movie that brought us loads of feelings and gone but it also reminded me how much important of  caring the family and the person you love before it’s too late.

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