Is abortion a sin?

Is abortion a sin?

Thailand is one of the most numbers of unwanted among teenagers start from only 13 years old. This kinda sadden me up every time I hear the news. For many years, this problem remains at the same damn point. No one would care and come to fix it directly at the real cause. One thing they(almost of Thai people) do is blaming those pregnant teenagers as symbol of shame, and even try to push them into a dark corner of the society as an example of failure. People on Internet just love to condemn through their keyboards and then leave, I would call it ‘an internet moral orgasm’.

When someone has an unwanted pregnancy, it somehow leads to an aborticide. And if you are a Buddhist, aborticide is a sin…a huge sin. It means to kill a life of unborn children who (some people believe) have a fetal right to live so it is usually an unacceptable thing in Thai society. It is also illegal which means the preggers have to go to illegal abortion clinics, they risk their lives with unstandardized operation, many of them infected or died after that horrible time.

So I think we should put this up on their decisions because everybody has a right to do or to choose what is the best thing for life. No one wants to get pregnant at the very young age, it is a real-life nightmare. So please let them fix this and start their new lives without hatred and insulting. I hope that one day we will change our attitude about this topic and change an abortion to a legitimate thing in the future.


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