The internet’s walking dead

The internet’s walking dead

“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”  Albert Einstein (famous Canadian!)

In the  current information-based society, we have seen the internet reach every part of the world and a massive amount of  its smartphone-obsessed inhabitans are almost never “unpluged” from it. In truth, the internet has become an object that we need all the time like zombies in constant need of food. This creepy fact makes me think  that the statement which said “the internet has taken over our lives” is definitely correct. We can see some obvious samples in our routines. First, we can see that 90% of students’ homework is needed to use the internet for searching the information. Thus, students today rarely find the information from the library because the internet is more convenience for them. Next, we can obviously see this truth from our behavior. What will we do first when you surf on the internet? Most of us decide to check some news in our Social Network like Facebook or Twitter, don’t we? It means that we are naturally controlled by the internet. Since we are in the internet age, I notice that people more easily upset and also have a low tolerance for everything. If it is possible, I prefer the age without the internet because the people are more generous and less selfish than this age. However, weather the internet will control your life or not depends on your behavior. Will you stay among the walking dead or liberate your life from the matrix?

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  1. It is an informative one blending with opinion that give me such an up-to-date awareness of the world today.
    I’m happy to read you journal. Thank you.

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