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What a Shame


Songs are similar to photographs in one way or another. They capture some scenes, not to mention, some part of our lives and make it last forever. Like looking at the old pictures, every time we listen to the certain songs which  are truly important for us; we can perfectly recall both memories in our mind and vivid feelings lingering ... Read More »


Have you ever thought about what song suits your life the most? Many songs are written from the real life feelings of the people. Some songs are composed according to the writers’ lives or experiences. However, “Pur-jur” is a song that, even I did not compose it, reflects a part of my life. The song “pur-jur” composed by Alarm 9 ... Read More »

The international food festival


Does it sound interesting if Chulalongkorn University organizes the international food festival? This event will allow people  to try the different types of food. First of all, Chula should divide the area into two zones for Western food and Eastern food. It will help people buy the food they want easily, and make the event more unique. To create more ... Read More »

Love, Rosie.


How many movies that you have ever watched? Plenty! I guess. For me, watching movies is my favorite hobby that I have ever had. If movies could make people addicted to them, maybe I would be already addicted. I can’t even force myself not to open a movie file while I’m eating at home. I love watching all types of ... Read More »

Flea Market


Am I the only one who wants flea market next to Chulalongkorn University? Because of getting bored with having the same meal every week, it is undoubted why everyone wants to eat something new. A flea market is an interesting solution by which Chula administrators to control open-closed time, food quality and cleanliness in order to facilitate student’s living. According ... Read More »

About Time


Have you ever taken something for granted or regretted not doing it? If you always missed your opportunities, and need one more chance to take advantage, you should think about your all actions deliberately or learn how to spend your life time like Tim in About Time. About Time is a romantic movie released in 2013. The story told about ... Read More »

My Life, Silence That Lasts Four and Half a Minute


What did you see above? The topic? The headers? Or just a blank square? Doesn’t matter, however. What you see might be what you will see me, the author of this article. What I am going to write next will be about a song, that prettily represents parts of my life. The name of the song is 4’33″(Four Thirty-Three). The ... Read More »

Black Leather Shoes

        Is it necessary for Chula students to wear black leathers shoes to university everyday?   As you know  the weather in Thailand is very hot and leather shoes can get smelly easily  when you wear  them all day long. We all know that wearing leather shoes to the university  and the official place is polite,  but what if it has ... Read More »

“SOTUS” Discipline, Adaptation, or Violation of Human Rights?


When you want to do something, raise your right hand, the upper arm sticks to your right ear, and ask for permission. Who asks you to face ME?   Get your eyes and head down!   “SOTUS”, an acronym standing for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, Spirit, is a system that is used to train newcomers in a university, or even ... Read More »

More Than Books.. “Book Expo Thailand”

                “Book Expo Thailand” is an interesting event I passionately want to recommend for Chulalongkorn campus community. As its name suggests, this event is clearly a book fair which gathers all kinds of printed matters from many publishers, whether domestic or international. More than 900 booths presenting novels, textbooks, art books, comics (or manga), magazines and also souvenirs. Due ... Read More »