K-pop Fangirl Life

K-pop Fangirl Life

Have you ever fallen in love with someone whom you never met and even talk in your real life? I have one, and he is the person I surely think we cannot accidentally meet. His name is ‘Lee Donghae’ who is one of the famous Korean band’s members. For me, he is so talented and adorable. I truly love his voice, his performance and also his perspective. Actually, I love everything about him. Unconditionally loving him reminds me of one song that can reflect this part of my life.

The song which I mentioned above is ‘Superstar’ by Taylor Swift. The meaning of this song is about someone who is so crazy in love with a superstar. Most parts of this song show how much she loves him. For example, “I am no one special, just another wide eyed girl who is desperately in love with you.” and  “Misty morning comes again and I can’t help but wish I could see your face, and I knew from the first note played, I’d be breaking all my rules to see you.” Personally, I think that she falls for him with no reason and she can do everything so as to see his face. She is such a little girl who exactly know that she doesn’t even have a chance to be someone in his life. However, she doesn’t want him to love her back. All she wants to do is to give him love and support as always. Being a fan club like her is called ‘fangirl’, an obsessive female fan who goes crazy about a famous person. And I am also one of those fangirls.

My life as a fangirl started when I was only 12, about nine years ago. One day when I was being at New Year’s party, my friends showed me a photograph of ‘Super Junior’, a Korean band with 13 members, on a New Year’s card. She had me try to remember all of their names in that picture. I was quite confused because there were so many faces with unfamiliar names. At first, it was hard for me to remember them all, but finally I can do it surprisingly. When I got home, I began to watch some of their music videos. Then I realized that I like them so much, especially ‘Donghae’. After that day, I kept watching his songs and his live shows, and also supported all of his works. Every time I see his face, even on the screen, I am extremely happy. More than that, I could even recover from my illness just because I heard his song. I tried so hard to get his concert ticket, to join his fan meeting and to learn his culture in order to know and understand him well. Sometimes I think I am crazy because everything I have done is so addictive and there is nothing to stop me loving him. However, being a fangirl is not nonsense because it gives me a lot of benefits. He inspires me to do many good things such as trying to learn Korean language, using a photoshop program to make a fanmade video, and improving my dancing skills.

As shown above, ‘Superstar’ can exactly be the mirror of my story as a  fangirl. Although he is a superstar that is far away from me, I never regret loving him. I’m really glad that I have found this song because it not only brings me back to the good old days, but also reflects my life until now.


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  1. unconditional love is the best kind of love <3

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