Koh-larn,the best island ever.

Koh-larn,the best island ever.

Last two months , I spent my weekend traveling to Koh larn, which is the wonderful little island located near to Pattaya .This island has many beautiful beaches with clean sand and water. I went there by taking ferry boat at the South Pattaya harbour. It took me only 15 minutes to get there. The first thing i did was renting motorcycle. I could say that It was my first time doing such exciting thing. The cost was around 300 baht for the entire day. I drove around and checked in at PAUSE resort.My first impression to this resort was its well-decorated room in modern style and its customer service. I spent the whole afternoon snoggling and feeding the school of fish.They loved to nibble fresh bread from my hand and I felt in love with their cuteness. My afternoon activities was very appreciated even if my skin got darker. At night, I drove around to see the beaches and bought some seafood for my barbecue night at the resort.The cost of seafood wasn’t expensive as i thought. Sipping a jug of cocktails and feeling the nigh breeze was beyond perfection for me. On the next day,I drove around to take pictures on the island before going back.This island would be the first thing i think of when I need some peaceful place to go.One day,I will definitely go back to this lovely island as soon as i have a free time.


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  1. Koh Larn is the dreamy island where I really want to spend time with my family or friends. I have heard that the scenery is extremely blissful; the sea water is crystal clear and the sand is shimmering white. Right? ^^

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