Kosirae Korean BBQ vs Thai-Korean style BBQ

Kosirae Korean BBQ vs Thai-Korean style BBQ



Kosirae  REAL Korean BBQ                              vs                                   Thai-Korean style BBQ

In Thailand, when we want to celebrate any holidays or special occasions, Korean style barbecue party is the most popular activity that all Thais usually do. Therefore, a lot of Korean BBQ restaurant are opened everywhere in Thailand like blooming flowers in an enormous flower field. But, are they real Korean BBQ? I have found out this question since I had a chance having real Korean BBQ at a restaurant called, “Kosirae” which located in Thonglor, Bangkok. Although both of them are BBQ buffet, Kosirea Korean BBQ is different from Thai-Korean style for two reasons.

To begin with, the food that the restaurant serves the customers is quite different in terms of types of meat, side dishes and dipping suace. Kosirae is likely to be REAL Korean BBQ because the owner is from Korean. Kosirae serves meat with a lot of Korean side dishes. The meat served in Kosirae has two types; beef chunk and pork. They serves 3 types of pork; Blade shoulder, Ribs Bone and Belly or Bacon. You can choose your own flavor because there are ordinary meat and flavored meat with Korean spices, which is very delicious and highly recommended. The meat is sliced in long size served in medium dishes. Different from Kosirae, Thai-Korean style BBQ restaurant has several kinds of meat. Beef, chicken, fish, pork and seafood are arranged side by side in trays and Thai-Korean style BBQ’s meat is sliced in small pieces, not in long thin pieces like Kosirae. In terms of side dishes, Kosirae has 8 side dishes, which are lettuce, cabbage Kimchi, cucumber Kimchi, raw papaya Kimchi, vegetables Korean spicy salad, mayonnaise fruit salad, fried spinach and fried meat ball with sweet sauce, while Thai BBQ has a lot of side dish types such as fried rice, fried sausages, Dim sum, meat ball spicy salad and also fruit salad. In addition to the side dishes, dipping sauce in both restaurant are also different. In Kosirae, dipping sauce ingredients includes sesame oil, salt, pepper, chili and soy bean paste, while Thai-Korean style BBQ dipping sauce has 2 main flavors, which are sweet and spicy one. Sweet one is a mixture of tomato sauce, chili sauce, sweet chili sauce and white sesame. Spicy sauce is a mixture of chili, lemonade, sugar, salt, garlic and Coriander root. Both dipping sauce from Thai BBQ and Kosirae BBQ has its unique taste, but Thai’s is quite spicy than Kosirae’s.

Another difference between Kosirae BBQ and Thai-Korea BBQ is cooking process. They are different in aspects of the grilling tools and procedure of eating. Grilling tools in Kosirae is a table which has a charcoal grill at the middle with a speed fan under it. The fire from charcoal is so hot that the meat we grill can be done in only 3 minutes, as fast as cooking instant noodle. When the fire pan has burnt stain, the staff will come to the table rapidly and change the new pan for customers even though the customer do not request.   Unlike Thai BBQ, the charcoal grill also put at the middle of the table, but it has no fan under it, so the fire is not as hot as Kosirae’s. It takes more than 8 minutes until the meat is well-done. Moreover, the customers have to call the staff several times for changing the heavily burnt pan. In procedure of eating, at Kosirae, when the meat is nearly done, the customers have to cut the meat with scissors because it is quite long. After cutting, we should not put it into our mouth instantly, but we should wrap the meat with the lettuce and drop the dipping sauce on it before eating the whole bite. In contrast to Kosirae, eating procedure in Thai BBQ is different. When the meat is done, we do not have to cut or wrap anything around it. People just dip the meat into the dipping sauce then eat it. Thai eating process is quite simple than Korea.

Compared “Kosirae”, real Korean barbecue with Thai-Korean style barbecue, I found that they are different in terms of the food and cooking process. The food and side dishes in Thai-Korean BBQ seems to be diverse than in Kosirae, but the meat in Kosirae has bigger size and tastes delicious than Thai’s. The cooking processes in Kosirae is more complex than Thai BBQ that Kosirae uses fan and scissors as tools for cooking process and suggests customers to eat meat with lettuce, while Thai BBQ does not have much tools, just has charcoal grill and a pan over it and eat it simply after it done. I like both of them and cannot decide which one is totally better. But from my view point, for meat quality and taste, Kosirae BBQ is better. However, for the diversity of food and side dishes, Thai-Korean style BBQ is a better choice.


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  1. I have been to Kosirae two times with my friends. I really love it because its taste is real Korean BBQ. Next time, I’ll be having it for sure.

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