Kum Yin Dee (Happy Words)

Kum Yin Dee (Happy Words)

In life, we have done many good things. We have met many wonderful people around the world. We found our soulmate. The one that is going to be the love of our lives. When I was eighteen years old. I thought I found my soulmate, but I was wrong. My story does not have a happy ending. However, it is memorable and I have never thought that my story will match perfectly with one Thai song. It is the perfect song that can reflect a part of my life. That song is “Kum Yin Dee (Happy words)” by Thai band named Klear.


My life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down, but I have never imagined that once it would go deep down like it would not go up again. That day was on 14 September 2016 when I was in Prague. I was very excited because I was going to meet my recently ex-boyfriend there. I wore white dress, black high heels. I set my hair, I wore sweet perfume. I was the happiest girl in the word that day. I saw him, standing in the center of the Musiktek square. I could not see other people around and all I could see was the two meters tall man who has bright blonde hair with a white t-shirt and short jeans.  I was so excited. My heart was beating so fast that I afraid it might jumped out of my chest. I felt unconfident and when our eyes met. I can literally say that time is stop. We went to many places together. We had lunch in one luxury Italian restaurant with orchestra music. I had a great time together, he treated me like a princess. I felt very happy like I was on the top of the world.


However, everything instantaneously changed when he said “I’m going to marry next month” in that moment, I felt like I was a boxer on the stage and my opponent hit me so hard that made me knockout. I could not help myself but smiled at him and the very first word I said was “congratulations” I understood we were stopped seeing each other for a while but it was too fast for me. It was too fast to realize that he would not be here next to me anymore. It was too fast to accept the fact that there would be another girl holding his and hugging him. It was just too fast.


Whenever I heard the song Kum Yin Dee, I will think about all the good time we had spent together. I also think about his girlfriend and his upcoming marriage. I want to sing this song on his big day. I am happy that he was able to find his right person. Even though that person is not me.

I hope your love is better than your dreams

That it’ll never change and you’ll love each other with all your hearts

I hope you’ll be a couple forever

Though I still haven’t had a change of heart

And can only love you the same

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