Lanna Chula Club

Lanna Chula Club

Lanna Chula Club

Today is a great day. I am very excited, waiting for the bus to go to seminar with my friends in Lanna Chula club. Our club is the best club in my mind and it is well known among CU’s students with its special identity.  I applied this club, since I was a freshman.I found that there are two reasons why I decide to join the club.

First, the club members are very friendly. We always do the activities together. Our relationships are firmly like a family, although we came from different places and have numerous diversities, it does not create any obstacle for our relationship. Most of us are northerner but some are not, however, we all want to learn the north culture and would like to have new friends. So, we are very happy to be the club members  and want to share good time and bad time together.

Another reason is because of my fascination of the north culture. Somebody said to me “you are the northerner, so you must exactly join this club.” But I think that is not necessary. Some of my friends who are northerners do not join the club because they are not interested in our culture. But for me, there are many fascinating things that I can learn from this club such as the traditional northern foods, the northern dances, and the northern folk songs. Despite of something I have already known, some is the new thing for me.

In conclusion, Lanna  chula club is an attractive club with the friendly members and the great north cultures that make me happy and do not want to join another clubs anymore.

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  1. I like your curious mind. The Northern food, however,….

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