Let’s go to Krabi

Let’s go to Krabi

Let’s go to Krabi!

Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destination countries in the world. Thailand has many famous provinces that tourists usually go. I would like to introduce my hometown, one of the most famous provinces of Thailand called Krabi to you. Krabi has a lot of tourist attractions so that people about three millions people chose to go. Krabi not only has beautiful beaches and islands but has other types of places also. Now, I will convince you to go to Krabi by introducing you the places I love. I am very confident to say that Krabi has the most beautiful beach and island in the world. The most well-known places are Phi Phi Island and Railay Beach. Phi Phi Island is one of the dream places for every people in the world. The sea is blue, the sand is white, and the weather is nice. Such a perfect! Phi Phi Island is a popular among snorkelers and scuba divers because it was surrounded by sea anemones, deep sea and coral reefs, and colorful marine life. In 2013, Railey won the third place of Asia and the tenth place of the world in Travelers’ Choice Beaches Awards. I believe the reasons that Railey won this award is its world class sand beach. Moreover, it is surrounded from both sides by seven hundred bolted limestone cliffs that makes Railey to be the draw for rock climbers. Apart from the sea attractions, waterfall is quite famous too. It can attract a lot of tourist to visit. However, if you think it is just an ordinary waterfall, you are wrong! Krabi’s famous water is a Hot Spring Waterfall. The benefit of waterfall comes from the minerals that dissolved in the water over hundreds of years. The major minerals that found in the water is copper and fluoride. Both of them can help you relaxing your muscle and refreshing your exhaustion. However, you should not take your time more than 45 minutes because the minerals can also make you exhausted too. The last place that I will talk about is my favorite place, the emerald pool. Its name comes from the color of its water, deep green. The water at the source is beautifully blue. Some people might tell you to clap your hands at the water source then the water will spring up but you should not do that because it will disturb many hard-to-find birds especially Gurney’s Pitta (Nok Taew Laew Tong Dam), one of the Thailand’s wildlife preservation, which can only be found in Krabi. Are you convinced? Is it sound interesting? If the answer is “YES”, pack your bags and LET’S GO TO KRABI.

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