Let’s make your own DIY bag!

Let’s make your own DIY bag!

If you want a new bag for keeping cards or find some special gift to your boyfriend/girlfriend but you don’t want to buy it because it’s expensive. Why don’t you make a leather pouch bag instead? Let me tell you how to make your own DIY pouch bag.

There are only 5 things that you must have.
– A leather
– A brass button to lock up the top part of the bag
– Scissors
– Chalk
– Pins

Follow these steps
1.) Print out the templates on a paper. (Follow this link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwYtcK7ByAIoSkZHdDI4eVhORHc/edit)
2.) Cut out the template pieces.
3.) Put those pieces on the leather and draw outlines. Don’t forget to mark 4 spots that you want to make holes on the felt.
4.) Follow the pattern and cut it out.
5.) Make holes from your marked-up spots. (Tip: trimming a small line on these holes will make it easier to open your bag)
6.) Using the leather piece on your left, place the bottom side of the pin by putting in the wrong side of the felt, then place through the right felt piece, and the bottom part of the bag respectively
7.) Twist the pin into the other half as tight as you can.
8.) Close the cover up and push out the corners.
Now you can put your cards inside your own DIY leather pouch bag. With things that are very easy to find and quick steps, you can make it by yourself.

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