Live like a warrior

Live like a warrior


“Feel like the world don’t love you”

Live like a warrior’, by Matisyahu, is a soundtrack of the popular movie, ‘Walking with the Dinosaur’. A story about a dinosaur who was shut off by others, but he finally made his own path. I found this song meaningful which may give you the strength to live.

When the world turns its back on you, just be yourself and move on. As you can’t be loved by everyone, begging them to turn back is still useless. Although you give all of your heart for some people, they just throw it away. However, even they keep pushing you out, pointing at your mistakes and making you feel small, you do not have to care. That is because, in your life, you have more important things to do rather than keep worrying about people who always curse you. You have your own ways and your own dreams, and you have got your secrets and your beautiful power that they don not, so don’t let your life be defined by anyone else but you. Just be who you are and never step back. Remind yourself that you only live once and make it be the best day of your life.

 “Today, today, live like you wanna
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire
In a fire, in a fire
Live like a warrior”

            Personally, I found this song said, “Live like a warrior.”  Which mean a warrior who has the bravery to conquer his fears and difficulties while he’s holding his sword among his enemies. Not only does he fight for himself, but he fight for his people as well. In the similar way of your life, the people I mean are the ones who always give you love and courage. They are your family and friends whom you always see whenever you look back.


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