Living in Dormitory is Like Diving in A Deep Ocean

Living in Dormitory is Like Diving in A Deep Ocean

Thinking of the warmest place for living, I believe the word appearing in everyone’s mind is “home”. However, what if you have to live in the place where there is no your family members but yourself and many strangers? How do you feel if you must follow numerous rules, and need to adjust yourself to the new environment? Alright, I’m talking about “Living in dormitory”.

I have heard someone said that dormitory is compared to “the second home” of those who reside in. Still, I think it will never replace ones’ home. Although you can have a fun night instant noodles party with your roommates, or hang out with your friends all day and night without permission from your parents, living in dormitory is not even a piece of cake. The residents have to lean on themselves no matter what they do: scrubbing the stinky toilet; washing sordid dishes; vanishing embedded stains on clothes, and so forth. I guess they do not enjoy these “dorm chores” much. Nonetheless, these experiences may be the worthiest memory and lesson for those who have confronted with them once in their lifetime. Roommates, bathroom, food in canteen, events, and a lot of stories cannot be found at home, but only here, dormitory.


So far, I have been living in my university’s dormitory. One thing I find myself is that “living in dormitory is like diving in a deep ocean – you can find something both stunning and unimpressive”. So, come enjoy diving with me to face these challenging experiences together.


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  1. I also live in a dorm, but alone. I have no idea how is it gonna be to have roommates. I prefer living alone. 😛

  2. At first I thought I preferred living alone and could not live in a room with many roommates. Until now, I learn that living with roommates can be so much fun unexpectedly. I really love the way there are a lot of friends gathered together in a room sharing stories with one another. It is really fun. ^^

  3. I like your observations; very deep. 🙂

    There is a saying, “home is wherever you lay your hat.” It suggests that you can make any place you live a good home; it just requires some effort. Having said that, I remember some big horror stories from my dormitory days, and some very excellent encounters as well. But isn’t that just like life?


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