Living in the city VS countryside

Living in the city VS countryside

Have you ever imagined the ideal living? Some people prefer living in the hectic city where they could make use of all conveniences, others prefer lying down in a peaceful countryside where they can escape and relax. Both city life and countryside life have some similarities as well as differences regarding their opportunities for better schools and careers, cost of living, surroundings, and means of communication.
Countryside is a peaceful place to avoid overpopulation. Despite the fact that the number of schools is limited, students can join any schools without high competition. Besides, if you are on a budget, living in rural area will be the right place. You could restrain from spending excessive amount of money on unnecessary items since there is no shopping place. In contrast to living in the city, you may find yourself unemployed due to the lack and variety of jobs. However, environment in the countryside is a healthy compensation far beyond comparison with the city: purity in pristine nature can be embraced in the arms of countryside. Another benefit of living in the countryside is that it is less congested; thus, allowing easy-access and rapid transportation if you have a car.
On the other hand, unlike the countryside, settling down in the city brings about more convenience in major ways. We cannot deny that schools in the city provide better education, otherwise students would not have to pave a way for their future in the chaotic yet well-equipped city. In addition, though high cost of living is unavoidably expected when living in the city, you have countless job opportunities to earn a living. Considering the fact that living in the city is overpopulated and polluted; however, transportation is still far more accessible comparing to that of countryside. Taking Bangkok for example, BTS and MRT enables people to communicate within a shorter period.
Having carefully looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both places, I believe that living in the city outweighs living in the countryside in terms of education and job opportunity, living expense, environment, and transportation. The question whether which one is better is subjective. What about you? Have you come up with your own decision?

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  1. I am a person who live in a city now and used to live in the countryside. They are actually great in their own way. But personally, I prefer the city because city life allows me to learn a lot of things in living life. Having been lived in Bangkok almost three years, I become a stronger and more grown-up person. And I think there are still a lot of things more to be learned. ^^

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