My first year in the university was fantastic. I have experiencing many types of situation and new activities. The second year was fine. I have a chance to go to many place where inspired me a lot. However, my third year in the university is killing me.



In the first year, everything was very fascinating and challenging. I do a lot of activities club and happy with all the class which I took.





In contrast, there are a lot of reports, observe activities, journal, and writing works in this year. Over the past three months, I wrote a lot, read a lot, and created a lot but I feel that I have done anything. I do a lot of homework and report but it cannot catch my interest like it use to be in the first year anymore. Some class that I took, I don’t feel it interesting at all. Things get boring more and more. I hate math and there is one class that math, my old enemy was involved. This is hurting my brine a lot that I spelling ‘brain’ wrong (anybody gets my joke?). In this semester, I have to make a test to test the real students in a school. Then I have to do some statistic and mathematic report for my grade. Sometime, I even think what am I doing here? Is this what I really want? Should I pack my back and just take a flight to my hometown? I’m guessing that I am lost already. I lost my motivation. I lost my inspiration. I lost my goal. Under all the pressure, I considered this lost-phenomenon as the sickness. So, it can be cure in some way or with something. I don’t know how to heal myself; nevertheless, I am hoping that I will be better soon.




Finally, this journal may help me to find my way out of this problem. Who will know?

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