Love is all around



If you ask me about the definition of love, for me, love is all around. Have you ever thought that everything you meet in a day is the destiny? The destiny that brought you to meet someone or something. Your family is your first love that you do not recognize. Some people may say that it’s about human bonding. When you have problems, your parents always stay with you and support you. They stay beside you whenever you laugh or cry. Another person you feel love is your friend because in each day, you have to meet lots of friends. When you grow up, you have to be part of the society. Therefore, you inevitably spend most of the time with them. You mostly share everything together. Friends do not have to be only humans. They can be your pets. For some people, dogs is their best friends. Even though they cannot speak to humans, they are really honest to humans. Another love happens, when you find someone special which is your girlfriend or boyfriend. Some days, you will find someone who enjoys spending every moment with you. He or she can make you feel happy. The more you understand him or her, the more you feel the feeling of love. Also, you have to take care of each other and pass every hard time together. These are the reasons why love is all around you. Be happy with what you have and who you stay with. You will feel ‘love’.


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