Lucy, a forever fansy

Lucy, a forever fansy


‘Everything possible’ sounds so simple, but it has been my favorite quotation of all time. These two little words are so powerful that they inspire me to confront some difficulties in my life. Therefore, I immediately rushed to the nearest cinema as soon as I heard that Lucy, a movie about a human’s highest capacity, was just on screen. After finishing the film, I was impressed by its literal content, and subtle meaning. As its name suggests, Lucy has the main character named Lucy who was living a very adventurous life. Being forced to put some kinds of chemical substance in her stomach, unlike normal walking street people with approximately 10% brain functioning, she was gradually able to increase her brain’s capacity to 100%. Because of her ability, she was not only stronger, faster and smarter, but also able to control non-living things. Finally, she could revenge on her enemy, and conquered her fear of death. The movie ran smoothly and eventually took me into it. With its adventurous but easy to understand content, I could watch it over and over again. Moreover, the film provided a subtle meaning for the audience, including me, who love to think deeper. In my point of view, this movie has an incredibly perfect combination between Buddhism and science. While Lucy’s brain increasing its ability, she absorbed all of the world’s secrets and finally she just faded away. It reminds me of Buddhism’s rule saying that personal spiritual improvement leads one’s mind to escape from human suffering.     All in all, this wonderful film is still stuck in my mind and it will always be a proof that ‘Everything possible’.


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  1. Maybe more people should watch this movie. We definitely need more brain power.

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