Make a wish …

Make a wish …


                        Making a wish is being with people in every part of the world including me and I always wish to be young forever because it means having a good health, being free from responsibilities and never getting hurt especially  by other people.

                        Being young means having a good health. I can do what I want so long as I still possess healthy body. Supposing I am old I must get a decaying body, osteoporotic bones, cramping muscles and shriveling skin. This is what I never want to happen with me.

                        Moreover, I do not need to take so many responsibilities which means I do not have to make a living to earn money like our parents are facing, apply for jobs, keep money, and get serious married. Undoubtedly, my life will be running out of enjoyment.

                        Lastly, growing up is easy to get hurt by . When I was young, I just got furious when my friends did not arrange my color pencils and I got hurt only when I fell from my bicycle. Growing up, I start to cry because of friends, family and so on. I realize that the more we grow up, the easier we get hurt.

                        Having a good health, being free from responsibilities and not easily getting hurt are the most important reasons why I prefer to be young forever.


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  1. Wise writing for a young lady.

    Since you offered, my wish is that we all understand that we are all humans first, second, and third. After that, way after that, we are other things, such as men and women, Canadians and Japanese, black and white, old and young, rich and poor.

    Just imagine…

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