Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Massive open online courses (MOOCs)

Massive open online courses or “MOOCs” are a new form of leaning course, which are in the network. There are many people around the world use it as the access to the higher education. MOOCs are very popular because of two main points.

First, it is easy to access. The courses are open to anyone who interested and most of it is free. Although you are not the student from the university, this is a chance to get knowledge from higher education because MOOCs offer many famous professors from prestigious university such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. MOOCs’ participants can study through the video. They do not need to attend the university and pay high cost. MOOCs use only computer and an Internet connection to take a course. Another reason is MOOCs helping participants to learn about the different cultures. They can improve the cross culture relationship from attending the course because MOOCs bring people from all over the world together. There’s no restriction for participants. One course may have more than a thousand students. MOOCs also offer peer review and group collaboration for participants to learn so their have to communicate with others. They may have friends who come from the other side of the world. Participants from the same course will share ideas and knowledge to each other so each of them will learn effectively.

Massive open online course help people to access the high-level of education by using their computer and Internet. They can learn anywhere and anytime. Moreover, people can learn the different way of life through MOOCs.

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