Mean Girls : A Part of My Life

Mean Girls : A Part of My Life

                                               “Mean Girls” :  A Part of My Life

How long have you been fighting with your best friend? A day? A month? For me, it has been four years and still goes on. One day I was watching a random movie on the internet and then spotted a movie “Mean Girls” Reading a synopsis made me realised a part of my own life. So I started watching this movie.


Cady just gets into a public high school after being homeschooled for 16 years. She learns about the Plastics which are Regina George and her minions with help of Janis who is Cady’s very first friend who was bullied by the Plastics earlier. Unexpectedly, Regina is interested in Cady and wants her to be in the Plastics. Cady gets in and becomes Regina’s best friend but with Janis’s plan to destroy Regina. Cady steals Regina ex-boyfriend and also tricks her to eat a high calories nutrient bar claiming that it will help losing weight. She also does a lot of stuff to make Regina upset. Afterwards, Regina finds everything out and stop being friend with Cady. But they become friend again at the end of the movie.




A part of my life does not provide the same ending as the movie. My ex-best friend and I do not have the same happy ending together. We do not talk until now. It is true that she is a honest person but it does not stop her from falling in love with my ex-boyfriend. It is also true that I have broken up with him already but there’s a fact that you should not date your friend’s ex-boyfriend. This might sound ridiculous  but that’s not all of the story. She always discourages me when I ask about something whether it’s good or not. If she says it is bad that means it is already good. Moreover, she always wants to be better than anybody else. There’s nothing wrong about wanting to be better if it’s not a lie. For example, you come to school with five pretty five pens and she’s gonna say that she has ten of those at home. This makes me sick. That is when I realise that I have to get myself out of this discomfortable zone so that I can live a better life which I do now.




After watching “Mean Girls”, I think that it might be good if we can be friend again. But when I think about it again, I realise that I should not do that. I had better walk out from her life. As Israelmore Ayivor said ” ‘Goodbye’ is the best ever gift that you can receive from worst friends. Never hesitate to wave it back. Be hold to say ‘no’ to what always keeps you static”


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