Mean girls : Home school vs Public school

Mean girls : Home school vs Public school

Last Wednesday’s night I watched the movie called “Mean Girls”. It is about Cady Heron, a 16-year-old home schooled girl who is raised in Africa. When her parents returned to the United States, they decided to take her to public school for the first time. There are a few reasons why her parents or any parents decide to take their child to public school instead of home school. Attending public school allows students to get more friends. Conversely, children who were homes chooled won’t know have as much practice to learn how to get along with other people their own age In the movie, Cady Heron meets her first best friends when she attends public school. They might have a fight sometimes, but they still support and stand by each other’s side in the end. On the other hand, children who only study at home know and get close to only their parents and just some of their tutors. Another reason is children will get more experience from joining their school’s activities. They have a chance to learn something outside the books. They might get in trouble or make their parents worry, but they also learn how to deal with the problem which is very important to survive in the real world. Like Cady Heron, who gets herself in trouble by joining The Plastic, a popular and brutal girl gang. At the end, she admits all her mistakes and pays the price for doing bad things to other people. Public school gives children the opportunity to socialize and gain more experience. Moreover, children learn how to communicate with other people, and have a chance to see the world outside their house.

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  1. I once had a part time job teaching a brother and sister in their home for 6 months. I hated it. The kids were fine, but OMG, it was so boring. I also felt so sad for them. They were not being exposed to new ideas, to new unexpected and real challenges. It felt like they were living in a bubble where all of the world was censored out and kept away. So sad for them.

    People are the most intere5sting, challenging, frustrating and lovely things on the planet, and we need to continually interact in meaningful ways with many different types to keep life interesting and to keep evolving as people and nations.


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