Missing someone, the special feeling of one’s life

Missing someone, the special feeling of one’s life

Many people come and go into our lives. Some came and left good memories and good impressions but some did not. Sometimes, we miss the persons, the places, the things, and the situations which we have met in the past. So, what is miss? I’m going to tell you about the definition of miss.

Feeling miss someone or something is a recognition of persons, things, or events, which we can remember. Perhaps, the things we miss had gave us impression, happiness, sadness, or other feeling in our memories.

The feeling of missing someone often comes when we feel lonely, sad, exhausted, depressed, or frustrated. We need someone to stand by our sides, give us hugs, and console us. In fact, the persons we miss are the important persons in our lives such as our parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, and best friends. For example, when I went to the place that far away from my house for long time, I had been missing my family so much. Then, I cry. This feeling is a result of the far and loneliness.

In addition, it is unnecessary that we miss only the persons. We can miss everything in the world that we have bad or good experiences from them. For example, no matter how much you think you hate school, you will always miss it when you leave. That is because you have the memories in the school.

Feeling of missing someone or something is the remembering. It can be the cause of both happiness and sadness. However, I love to miss because it makes me realize that I have the feeling in my mind and I have someone special in my life.

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