More Than Books.. “Book Expo Thailand”


        “Book Expo Thailand” is an interesting event I passionately want to recommend for Chulalongkorn campus community. As its name suggests, this event is clearly a book fair which gathers all kinds of printed matters from many publishers, whether domestic or international. More than 900 booths presenting novels, textbooks, art books, comics (or manga), magazines and also souvenirs. Due to this variety of goods, it would be a great choice for hanging out with your friends or family. In addition to that, students who show their ID cards will get special rate when purchasing goods. That is why I said this event is befitting us.

        The Book Expo Thailand is not only celebrated for promotionally priced books, it is also an event where we can look for new inspiration through the activities and through wandering around the place. Maybe, you will get new friends who have same interest by chance. As shown above, if you are interested in the “Book Expo Thailand “, you can meet this experience at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on 13-14 October 2016. I do hope and believe that you would have a wonderful time there.  😀 


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  1. Thank you Wunsen for sharing this. I am looking forward to this event.

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