Movie Review: Arpatti

Movie Review: Arpatti

Movie Review: Arpatti


If someone talk about a Thai movie that became the talk of the town this month, I believe “Arpatti” would be the first title you think of.

The reason why this movie is popular is the Department of Cultural Promotion banned this movie by giving a reason that there were some inappropriate scenes. The producer of the movie decided to cut some scenes and changed the title from “Arbat” to “Arpatti” so it was approved to broadcast in cinemas and limited only for people who are older than 18.

From this news, I decided to watch this movie on October 10th, and it did not disappoint me.


Beginning with a story about “Son”, a boy who was ordained as a novice monk because of making some mistakes. Accidentally, he met an ordinary girl “Fai” and then they fell in love. Even if this was wrong in Buddhism, they thought love is a relation of two people. From their decision, some mysterious thing happened. At the beginning of the movie, there was a narrative and it seemed to be confused and not interesting. However, I suggest you watch it carefully, some small details will give you a hint.

Finally, the answers literally appeared. There is a big surprise for you. Although some scenes would make you stun but they are also reasonable. A lot of horror scenes appeared and it was really scaring and frightening.

This movie also taught me about truth of people’s minds. One of truth that I agree is that people always scare something they cannot see but not with obvious things. Sometimes they forget to realize the result of doing bad things, they only focus on what they want to do.

This movie is not only scare you with ghosts, junked bodies or shocking scenes, it is also give you moral and you would not regret after watching it.

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  1. It seems like a good movie but I don’t think I have the nerve to go and watch it alone. lol Ghost, bloody shocking scenes? not my style pal. not my style hahaha.

  2. Oh… I didn’t watch this movie. I missed it. It don’t show in a theater anymore. Sounds interesting. Shocking is good I reckon…

  3. Wow, it seems interesting movie. Even it was out from the theatre, I gotta find the way to watch this exactly! Lol

  4. Something scares me more than ghosts; censorship.

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