Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Movie Review: Dracula Untold

I believed that everyone knows the story of Count Dracula, or at least the story of the Vampire. We know it as the devil who drink blood to survive. Some tales said that it is the son of Satan. This creature is very famous and there are many filmmakers make it as the movies. We can see plenty of versions of the Vampire story and normally, it refers to the story of Count Dracula as well.  But for this version, Dracula Untold, it is such an unexpected story for me. In this film, the director can open the spectator’s mind with his point of view about the Count Dracula biography. He can create Count Dracula as a family man who do really be a good guy, which is completely different from the previous Count Dracula history for me. After I watched this film, I fell in love with the Count Dracula, who could do everything to protect his family.


          Other people might think that he was very strong because he drank the Vampire’s blood, but for me, the most powerful weapon for him is “love”. Because he loved his citizen, he couldn’t allow anyone to harm them. Because he loved his family, he could do everything, even start the war to protect them. Because he loved his son, he faced with his enemy, even though he knew that he might lose.


          Moreover, the most impressive thing about Count Dracula I loved was his responsibility. Since he knew that he created monsters who eagerly drank only  blood, he decided that it was his responsibility to destroy them and suicide himself, in the case of protecting his son from himself. Therefore, in my opinion, this Count Dracula is my most favorite version ever.


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  1. Most movies about love and family have a beautiful story. I have read Dracula book but have never watched this movie yet. Interesting!

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