Movie Review: Everest

Movie Review: Everest


          Let’s travel back to September 26th! My friends and I was going to see the movie after mid-term examination. We decided to watch the movie which is called “Everest”. The name of this movie catches my mind from the start. It is because the title is well-known in a physical geology way for so long. It becomes more and more nervous and too excited to watch it in a big screen!



          Everest is a 2015 3D biographical adventure disaster film directed by Baltasar Kormákur and written by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy. The plot is about seven mountain climbers who are eager to climb to the top of Everest. They are gathered from various experiences. They are gathering at the base camp at the beginning then going the other camps which are higher and freezer.

           All of them never give up and try their hard to get to the top but their dreams won’t come easy. They face a lot of problems. They also face the worst possible condition, at heights and climates that seem designed to shut a human body down. However, they finally get to the top on time before the blizzard strikes the mountain. Along the way back to base camp, the blizzard suddenly appears again and cannot let them find the way back home.


          This movie is tragic but it inspired me in beneficial way. Like one quote said “getting to the top is option, getting down is mandatory”. The whole incident is a realistic consequence of risky journey that happened in reality. I recommend you to watch it. It’s worth watching so far.

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  1. interesting! The pictures look realistic like they are climbing at the real mountain. I wonder they are at the real mountain or at a studio.

  2. Nice thoughts about the movie. I also liked thos flick because its fun when nature wins vs man. It helps keep us humble as a species.

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