Movie review : Gone Girl

Movie review : Gone Girl



When love turns to be a tragedy, what will the couple do? Will they hurt or be killed by each other?

Last week, I went to SF cinema with my friends to watch some the movie. There were many interesting movie which now showing, but, finally, we chose ‘Gone Girl’ to be watched.


‘Gone Girl’ is directed by David Fincher. It’s a kind of psychological thriller movie which was adapted by the famous novel named ‘Gone Girl’ written by Gillian Flynn.

The movie shows the relationship between a couple, dishonesty and the problems on marriage through the married life of a lovely couple, Nick and Amy.

The movie begins when Nick Dunne returns to his to his home to find his wife Amy missing on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary. He sees no one at home only the traces of murder. So, he goes to the police station and reports the police. The police and the detective think similarly that it seems Nick is unenthusiastic enough to find his wife. When they investigate deeper, they find the more things complicated and related to Nick. It shows that Nick completely involves with Amy missing. Finally, he is also suspected to be a wife murderer.


Nick Dunne, performed by Ben Affleck, represents an ordinary husband who are married with a perfect girl Amy, performed by Rosamund Pike, who was raised in a rich famous family.  At the beginning of the marriage, their life goes happy, but, eventually, it gets troubled. The movie slightly reveals the hidden aspects and, then, when the truth revealed, you may say OMG !


The movie runs very fast. It’s more exciting when it proves that Nick is actually not a wife murderer. I will not tell you the end of the movie and what actually the truth is. For me, I give 9 out of 10 point for this movie. It’s my most favorite movie for this year.


For one who have not been married yet, I recommend you to see this movie. But for one who have been married already, it’s a must-see movie that you shouldn’t miss.



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  1. I couldn’t read all of your review because I didnt want to have the plot spoiled for me, but your initial review seems great. I read the book and it was very interesting. I wonder if the movie changes the story.

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