Movie Review: One Liter of Tears

Movie Review: One Liter of Tears

I’m not a fan of Korean or Japanese TV series, but I watch them because I don’t want to feel like an outsider among my friends. Still, I’m quite picky when choosing anything to watch. I choose only ones for which people agree they are “well-plotted.” I hate nonsense jealousy and revenge-based themes, and prefer those that give courage and teach us life lessons.

Years ago, I found the Japanese series “One Liter of Tears” on television. Judging from its name, it will absolutely make me cry. Somehow, I decided to follow it although I knew what was waiting for me at the end. The story is based on the true story of Aya Kito, who suffered and died from an incurable disease called Spinocerebellar Degeneration. In the servies, some made-up conflicts involving such things as love, family, and friends are added to make the plot more interesting. Aya is a clever, kind, and cheerful girl. At one point, her life is perfect. Then she is diagnosed with a disease that can’t be cured and will make her body even weaker. Soon, she has to sit in a wheelchair, leaves school, and lose her possible future. She gradually loses the ability to move and talk. At last, she could do nothing but lying on bed and died soon after that.

What touches my feeling is how Aya learns, with tears, to accept that her life is uneasy and she can do nothing but move on. Things could be better if we don’t give up. If things get worse and we can do nothing, we will have to understand and live on the best we can.

I rarely cry because of movies. But watching this series, I just couldn’t stop my tears! Every word Aya says is so full of life and filled with pain. Aya had lost one liter of tears, and I’ve lost one more liter from watching her crying.



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Well, I don’t understand Japanese. But the theme song sounds painful…. and hopeful as well… : )


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  1. I prefer to tell my friends their movie choices are silly. 🙂

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