MOVIE REVIEW : The Best Of Me.

best_of_me_xxlg_500x500-1431020463Do you still remember your first love? and what going to happen if  you met that person again?

Last year, I have watched the movie named “The best of me” it was the story about Dawson and Amanda who fell in  love with each other when they were in high school and it is their first love. Amanda’s parents didn’t liked Dawson because he was a son of the delinquent of the town while Amanda’s family was rich and have a good reputation. However, Dawson and Amanda still strong together and even love each other more until the prom night had tore them apart. Dawson had a fight with his father and accidentally shot his best friend to death. Dawson get caught in that night and he decided to break up with Amanda, he told Amanda not to come to visit him again. After that day Dawson never came out to met Amanda and they didn’t saw each other anymore. Until, next 25 years later, They both had met at Tuck’s funeral. They stared at each other and had so many questions on their mind. So, they started to talk, had some dinner and spent the night together at “Vendermour” the house that they used to visit when they were in high school. After that night, they realized that deep down inside their heart their love never changed. Time can’t changed their feeling  and can’t erased their memories. However, they couldn’t be together because Amanda had her own family. Dawson understand everything and he decided to live at Vendermour for the rest of his life. They promised to each other that they will kept their love and their memories inside their heart forever but Dawson didn’t lucky enough, 2 days after Amanda left the town Dawson got shot and pass away. Dawson never break the promised he still love Amanda till the last breath of his life and she would be in his heart forever.

Picture1I like this movie because of the story, the scene and a good acting of the actors. The story was easy to get along and very interesting. Most of the scene were happened in the country side of North Carolina and its remind me of the state that I went for an exchange student program. The actors of this movie can expressed the feeling of each characters very well, they made me believed that they were the real Dawson and Amanda. I can felt how Dawson and Amanda felt by their good acting. This movie also gave mea good lesson about love is that when you love someone it doesn’t mean that you have to be with that person to give them love because sometime seeing their happiness is the only love that you can give.


This movie was one of a good romantic movie of the year. I would give a 1,000/100 points for this movie and I was lucky that I had a chance to watch it because it is the movie that everyone should not miss “The best of me” is the best movie that you should see.


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  1. What a beautiful story <3 so sad so sweet. Did it make you cry?

  2. The start of the movie sounds like Romeo and Juliet.

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