Movie Review : The Down

Movie Review : The Down

“The Down”

            Everybody in the world cannot choose to be perfect. One man is born with a silver spoon in his mouth while another with a wooden ladle. “The Down” is a movie about people with Down syndrome who can live a normal life as same as others. This movie has changed my aspect towards special-needs people.


The Down” which was directed from real place, real people and real situation is so authentic that it can make the audience feel like living with the characters. Imagine you are standing on the high building and looking down from the high view. You will see everyone as a black dot. No one is unique. As they are Down syndrome, most people may label them that they cannot do many things as same as others. Down syndrome people may have different faces or bodies from us but their hearts are similar to everyone. I believe that before many people watch this movie, they may think that Down syndrome cannot work or cannot live as other people. The movie presents about the abilities to work of the Down syndrome such as working at Starbucks, at AIS, at Uniqlo and being an athlete. The movie implies that Down syndrome people are as ordinary as us. Do not see them as exceptional people.


Down syndrome people have the same feelings as us: happiness, sadness, loneliness or sorrow. They can live simply and happily with their family and also other people. Because of their kind-hearted behavior, they get much love from many people. It is just an ordinary movie with no action scene or romantic scene to make the audience excited. However, in its ordinary plot, this movie can make you feel very touched and full of happiness. This movie reflects the difficulties that the families with Down syndrome people face. For the first time that the family realized the syndrome of their little child, it is not easy for them as it is not a curable syndrome. Nevertheless, with their effort and love supported from their families, people with Down syndrome can successfully live normally as same as other people.


If I could give scores to this movie, I would score it ten out of ten, and if you wonder why I score it ten, you must watch this movie by yourself.

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  1. I promise I will watch this movie.

  2. I have already watched this movie. It is so touched and authentic. I changed my attitute toward Down syndrome people after seeing this movie. It’s really great movie actually!

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