Movie Review: The Intern

Movie Review: The Intern

            What will you do after your retirement? I bet most people are still unsure about it. Someone may tell you to look after your grand children, like what most grandparents do, or to stay home doing nothing.

            In this movie, there is a retired man who feels very bored of doing nothing. He is a 70-year-old man who is finding to do something to make his life livelier. Do you really want to do things when you’re seventy? My answer would be no, but this movie has changed my mind.

After trying to figure out what to do, he found the ‘The Seniors as the Interns’ advertisement on his way home. He didn’t hesitate to join that program. In my opinion, the movie director tried to relate this movie to the U.S. policy that allows the old to back to work as the interns.

Moreover, this movie shows you that ‘age’ is not the limitation. Ben, a retired man in a baby boomers generation (those who were born approximately between 1946-1964), wore very formal outfits to his work while the others wore casual outfits to work. At this point, it shows the differences of generation; how they differ in behaving, talking or working.


Jules, a modernized executive, does her company about online shopping which is very popular nowadays. Despite the differences, they get along with each other very well. Since Jules works very hard for her company, she has less time for her family. She almost made a big turning point to her family, but Ben could help it before everything turned bad.

This movie shows many aspects of our lives, such as family and working life, which play main roles in our life. I have learned a lot from this movie. Experience never gets old. It’s never too late to learn. Everything around us can teach us, we call it ‘experience’.

The Intern brought both laughter and tears while carrying me along on a heartwarming journey through the movie. This is not movie to miss if you like a very touching and feel-good movie. Don’t miss!



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  1. It surprised me that we made the review of the same movie. LOL Anyway, I like your writing styles, and your reviews showed some different aspects about the movie. I enjoy reading this. Maybe we can talk more about the movie. 🙂

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