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Looking back to several years ago, the movie industry has become one of the biggest industries in the world. A thousand movies come to the box office every year trying to beat a big amount of profit while there are a few movies want to be renowned as a great movie with a good story and get some rewards from the famous organizations.

Whiplash is one of a few movies I would love to talk about. Among the movies with the plot about teacher and student, Whiplash is amazingly outstanding with the intensity and the very strong story about teacher, student, and a great dream. The film nearly crackles with tension and is sure to leave an audience breathless. Moreover, many critics have agreed that Whiplash is the best musical drama films ever and tend to get a big success on Academy Award or Oscars.


The story is about Young jazz drumming prodigy Andrew Neyman who will do anything to secure the core drummer position, including practicing until his fingers are raw and bloodied. While his instructor Terence Fletcher is willing to do whatever it takes to bring out the best in his musicians, and the best is exactly what Andrew aspires to be. With his brutal and intimidating instructive techniques, their partnership is far from ideal and the rivalry rises until it can do nothing but explode.

Along 106 minutes of the movie, I could not do anything but sit quietly with stunned feeling. And the first thing I did after watching the movie is to just sit and breathe and think how lucky I am to watch this movie. For me, it is not only a movie but it is an inspiration to follow my dreams and do somethings memorable. If someone asks me which movie I like the most most in this year, I will tell him or her that Whiplash is the best and I love it.





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