Music is my sweet escape

Music is my sweet escape

Music: My sweet escape from chaotic world

When you feel down, and tired of everything in your life, what are you going to do? Some may cry, or some may scream. Some may eat, or some may sleep. However, for me, I’m going to listen to music. Music is my sweet escape from the chaotic world due to three major reasons.

First, music can relieve my anxiety and stress. Music has many genres and each genre has its own style for relieving listeners’ stress. When I listen to romantic song, the beautiful sweet voice of the singer makes me feel high like I am in heaven. It makes me forget who I am for a while. Funny rap song also takes my stress away because of its funny lyrics. The song “Thrift shop” is a very good example for this reason because the song is about how a man, who has only 20 dollars in his pocket, chooses his clothes in the thrift shop.

Another reason music is my sweet escape is that music can cut off the noise surrounding me. When I put my headphones into my ears, everything seems to be stopped. Only the song I listen to is playing in my head. Therefore, I cannot hear any noise or sound which I don’t want to pay attention to.

The most important reason is that music can encourage my mind and spirit. Some song lyrics are very impressive and encourage me because they seem like they are written for me. For instance, several months ago, I broke up with my girlfriend. My heart was broken and extremely hurt. Then, I listened to the song “Problem” from my favorite artist, Ariana Grande, and I could finally realize that I was wise to let her go because I have got one less problem without her. After that, I did not feel hurt at all.

In sum, music can help me escape the chaotic reality. It is compared to my best friend who relieves my stress and my pain, and soothes me when I feel down. I think music is the best thing that has been created into the world.

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  1. Your journal’s Topic is so touching me and also everyone because i like listen to the music. And it’s good to know how the music actually effects on us. Thank you for you writting

    • Thank you for your comment!You encourage me to write other journals. I just wrote what I actually felt at that time 555 but it is a fact, right?
      Every human needs music 🙂

  2. Sometimes music can heal all of the pains and the bad feelings inside my heart unexpectedly. Whenever I feel down, music can be a good help. ^^

  3. It is a well written entry, Pam. I like how you write that “music is my sweet escape” and it can “can cut off the noise surrounding me.” It feels like you are on an island. And more than that, you suggest music can affect time; yes, i agree! This is very vivid and real imagery that your readers can connect with well.


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