Musical: A Beautiful Blend of Arts

Musical: A Beautiful Blend of Arts

I am a musical lover. Since I was young, my parents always took me to watch many musicals. It is a kind of arts, which combines  three wonderful art’s types; music, literature, and performance. Although there is the orchestra, you will not feel like you are in the classical concert at all, because they play together with the band in the contemporary music. The story is important and is one of the main factors to attract people. If it isn’t interesting, there won’t be any audience who wants to come. However, the real important thing that makes the musicals interesting and different in each time is performance. Some stories have been remade and performed several times. However, the audiences still pay for watching them again, though they already knew the story. The reason is each performance always different. Actually, the musicals in each country have their own style when they play, especially in France, you will find not only the performers who talk, sing, and dance on the stage, but also those who use body language as the background to describe the scenes.


While in Thailand, most of musicals use the level of language to proceed the story rather than stance.


Personally, watching musicals is as same as reading the novel. It makes me feel like I am watching the live masterpieces which could bring me to the other world. Moreover, for some stories, they show me other ways to look or analyze the story which I haven’t thought in that way before. Therefore, I always watch the musicals as much as I can. Not only for relieving my stress, but also to appreciate the combination of arts like musicals as well.

# Written by Toey (5543576127)

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