Must See Vids

Must See Vids

Videos that make us pause, think & feel!


What a Shame


Songs are similar to photographs in one way or another. They capture some scenes, not to mention, some part of our lives and make it last forever. Like looking at the old pictures, every time we listen to the certain songs which  are truly important for us; we can perfectly recall both memories in our mind and vivid feelings lingering ... Read More »

Count On Me, Count On You

            Songs are effective learning media for English classes, so my teacher showed me the music video clip of a song as a part of the lesson. While I was watching it, I was thinking of some of my friends. They were beside me not only when I had impressive moments, but when I had a difficult time of my ... Read More »

Queen is Back!


   Madonna performs The Super Bowl’s Half-time Show 2012 There are many kings and queens in the world. Some are well-known but some are not. But, if we talk about the name of Queen of Pop, yeah, we all have already known that ‘Madonna’ has reigned for a long time. The famous female best-seller of all time, Madonna, released her ... Read More »

My journey from 70 to 56 kg


Have you ever felt unconfident with your shape?  When I was child, my family always gave me delicious foods  and all the best things. At that moment,it was my enjoyable time. As times goes by,my shape get bigger and i gain a lot of weights. It was 70 kg when i was in high school. Looking myself in the mirror, ... Read More »