My Best Friend Ever

My Best Friend Ever

Have you ever lost any important thing in your life which you still miss it even if it has left you for very long time? I normally go back home at Ratchaburi, my hometown, every weekend. On the first weekend of January last year I did it as usual. When I arrive home, Khiao Wan, my lovely cat and also my best buddy, always run as fast as she can to greet me at the garage, but this time it was not the same. There was no greeting. There was no her sound. There was only silence. Where was she, my beloved cat? My mom told me that she was sick, so she was sent to the pet clinic near my house. That is the reason why I had to stay at home alone throughout that weekend. For me, Khiao Wan was not only a pet, but she was my friend. I accidentally met her at the temple where I went to make merit last three years. When I had free time, I liked to play with her. Finally we became to be best friends.  Normally when I was lonely, she usually jumped on me and licked my hand. I didn’t know what that action actually means, but I thought she might try to tell me that she missed me. She knew almost everything about me, because I always told her my stories, although I knew that she never understood what I had said.  I still loved to tell what I had done to her. Three days later, after I came back to my dormitory,  my mom rang me that she had already left me forever. The last thing that I could do for her was I will do my best to take care of her children. Though she has already died, but she never dies from my mind. She will always be in my memory.

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  1. Cats lick to clean. It’s a sign of familiarity and closeness. Thanks for sharing.

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