My dream careers

My dream careers

Everyone must have his dream career in his mind, of course I am. Since he was young, he might want to be someone or something that going to be cool but
when he has grown up his attitude usually changed. When I was young I want to
be a doctor and soldier but when I grew up, I have five dream careers.

Tourist guide is the first idea that came in to my mind. I think it could be fun and awesome being a guide. I can travel around the country or even the world while working. It is a good idea that I can work and have fun simultaneously, isn’t it? I think the reason why I want to be a guide is from being in Krabi. Krabi is a beautiful province that has many attractive places such as Ao-nang bay, Phi-Phi Island, Ta ley wag. Therefore, I was attracted by many beautiful places since I was young. The second reason is languages. I want to study about languages since I was in sixth grade. This career can fulfil my desire because I have tried it for one week. In that week, I was a guide in Krabi. My duty is to speak to foreigners and describe places that passed by. After that week I think that my language was improved so I think that my language can be better if I can use it in everyday life.

Writer is another thought of mine. I love reading. I can read since I was six. That makes me think I can write and I can write well. When I read a very good books, I usually thought that I can be that book author or hope that I can write as good as he can so I started practice writing and reading more book in order to prepare being a writer. Then my time to shine is come, I sent a composition to compete in school competition and I won the first prize. Therefore, a teacher told me that she will sent me to compete in composition contest in regional round. I was so happy in that time but it is a short time because I have to choose to be a representative in mathematics, social study or Thai composition. I decided to do the most thing I capable of, mathematic. Now, I feel a little regret that I didn’t choose composition contest. I barely use advanced math in my real life. If I made a decision to compete in composition contest, I would be a famous writer like my school-senior, P’Sek – a newspaper writer of PostToday.

Another career is Musician. I can play three instrument- Thai flute (Klui), harmonica, and guitar. The first instrument that I can play is flute. My teacher taught me to play flute when I was in fourth grade and I love it. Then the right time is come, I have listened to Bob Dylan’s song and suddenly fell in love with a sounds of one instrument. After that I searched to find what the instrument that made those sounds is. It is harmonica or well known as mouth organ. I didn’t hesitate to learn to play it even a second. Of course, harmonica and guitar is something like bread and butter that always come together. I started playing guitar and knew that I am born to play it, I really love it. Therefore, it could be fantastic being a guitarist.

The fourth of my dream career is athlete. I love playing sports, maybe a volleyball or football player. I love playing sports not only the mentioned sports but the others sports as well but I’m good in volleyball and football more than others so if I could be in athletic career, I would be in this two sports. I think it must be great if I can play football in Arsenal F.C., my favorite football club, or play volleyball in FIVB volleyball league but it is just a dream, it is hard to be true, it requires dedication and talents.

The last and the career that I want to be the most is Teacher. I want to be a teacher because I want to teach what I know to other people. You can’t be a great teacher even if you know a lot of thing but you can’t transfer your knowledge or teach others. Teacher is one of the most important career in our society. If the teacher is not good enough, what will our children be? So I think it is important that the smart people should study in faculty of education to become an efficient teacher and teach others to become an efficient ones as well.

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