My dream city

My dream city

There are a lot of tourism cities in the world. Some cities have beautiful landscapes. Some cities have modern architectures. Some cities have interesting museums. But one city that I really want to visit is Rio de janeiro.

Rio de janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil. Most of people always think that Rio de janeiro is the capital city of Brazil, but it’s not. The capital city of Brazil is Brasillia. The name Rio de janeiro means River of January. It’s called this name e because it was discovered in January of 500 years ago. Rio de janeiro becomes a famous tourism city because of its combination between historic and modern architectures. Furthermore, Rio de janeiro has the popular music as we know as Samba. It also has a famous yearly carnival celebration which many tourists would like to see. Moreover, there are a lot of historic landmarks and fascinating landscapes. One of the most famous landmark of Rio de janeiro is Christ the redeemer, the statue of Jesus Christ with his arms outstretched like a symbol of peace. Christ the redeemer is one of the seven wonders of the world. This statue is almost 40 meter high located on the 700 meter high mountain named Corcovado. The tourists can see the view of Rio de janeiro city from this point.

Rio de janeiro becomes an important destination of many tourist from all over the world because there are a lot of nice places to visit and various activities to do in this city. So,there is no wonder why the international Olympic committee chose Rio de janeiro as the location for the 2016 Olympic games. These are the reasons why Rio de janeiro is my dream city.

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