My dream jobs

My dream jobs

We all have a dream. How many times do you daydreaming or thinking about your future. Personally, I spent 20-30 minutes before bed thinking about my dream career. There are 3 careers I would like to do in the future.
Starting with the most attractive career of all time, psychiatrist is always being the number one job that comes to my mind. From my point of view, mental health is such a mysterious and complicated thing that worth learning. Importantly, I believe that the mind issue is the significant key of success. As you know everybody have to deal with their own emotion, though and subconscious all the time. I realize that I spent almost all of the time communicate with a ton of people dealing their mental health and it’s would be nice if I can effectively deal with my soul and so does the other’s. Maybe, this is reason I would like to be a psychiatrist.
As I say that being a psychiatrist helps dealing with a soul. Likewise, being a yoga teacher helps keeping the balance between the soul and the body. Yoga is my favorite sport. I love the feeling while I doing it. I can breathe deep down to the bottom of the lungs, feel stretching on every part of the body and feel like you are part of the nature. Apart from benefits to your mind, yoga also offers you a million of advantage to physical health.
The last career I would like to try is professor in a branch of special education. As you can see there is an increasing in number of children with special need like ADD, autism, blind, and deaf while there are only a few minority aiming to work in this branch. So if I have a chance to be somebody who working with these children I would hold an international campaign which raise people awareness how important special education is and how to deal with them. And If you join this campaign, you will see many creative activities with effective cooperation of parent and their children.
As you can see, psychiatrist, yoga teacher, and professor in special education are the three most careers that I want to do I the future. No matter what is going to happen next I will do my best to achieve the goal.

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  1. You are already on the right track. Keep it up. 😛

  2. I enjoyed reading your journal entry! Your writing maked me think in a new way, and I love that.

    They say that the mind is the final frontier (border between the known and the unknown); the thing that is right before us, but still so mysterious. I think you should read or “utube” (is this a verb yet?) a neuroscientist named Sam Harris. He is very well-respected and entertaining writer and public intellectual on issues including how the mind works and spirituality and meditation.

    Enjoy your journey.


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