My driving class

My driving class

One of the hardest things i have ever had to do was learn how to drive a situations always make me a bit nervous, and learning something new can be a scary experience.I started my driving lessons almost 2years ago, and was incredibly nervous.i passed my test and already got a Driving license but i did not drive a car because I was hit by another car once, so I was always afraid of cars and people on the street.Therefore, I was afraid of driving for a while.For a couple week , I start to drive again because i just realized its significance are Taking grandma to the hospital in an emergency case, taking my whole family go out during weekend.”Everyone around me can drive so how hard can it be” that’s my thought.So I went to enroll in a driving school.My driving instructor is just great and skilled.He explained to me that’s fine to mess up and not know everything at once.Just try to remain calm, take a deep breath, tell yourself you can do this and imagine yourself like a racing driver.As he was a racer,he taught me many tricks and how to face my fright.Recently, I could drive again,then my dream is be a racer.Afterward i got a present from my mom.that’s a car, Honda City!!! Get in the car and Drive with me.
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  1. Driving in Bangkok? Be afraid, very afraid!

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