My favorite restaurant

My favorite restaurant

I am the one who loves eating noodles so much, especially hot spicy noodles. Accidentally, my friend, Koi told me that she wanted to try eating Korea noodles at Tudari Korean Restaurant. So, we decided to go there together last week.
Tudari Korean Restaurant that we had been is located at Central Ladprao. This restaurant has a slogan “HAPPY TOGETHER”. When I arrived at the restaurant, I felt curious why many people were waiting patiently in front of the restaurant. Then I walked through the restaurant to get a queue’s number and I found that I had to wait about 20 minutes. I thought it took very long time for a girl who was hungry, but I still waited for it because I wanted to know how delicious it was. While I was waiting, I also smelt a mouth-watering smell from the food eaten by people inside the restaurant. It made my stomach cry and I wanted to eat it right away.
I ordered “Special Topokki”. In this menu, it contains: noodles, egg, vegetable and tofu. It is special than normal noodles because it is a jumbo sizes.


One pot is for three people. I always see this menu from Korean drama. It seems that people in the Korean drama enjoy eating it a lot, so I would like to try it once. When the pot was served us, the smell of noodles was so good. We had to mix all of them together and waited until they boiled. When it boiled, we quickly ate it. I thought it tasted spicy and delicious. After just a few minutes, there was nothing left in the pot . It made me full.
If you have time, I would like to  recommend you to try this once, you may love it like me .

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  1. I am the one who is reading your writing. I am the one who likes your writing, especially about delicious Korean food. I am the one who says, “thank you” for the good writing. I am the one who asks you to never say, “i am the one who” ever again! I am the one who undersstand this phrase is common inThai style writing, but I am also the one telling you that in English academic writing, we never say, “I am the one.”

    I am the one who thanks you.

    JLo, the one.

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