My Fireflies

My Fireflies

“Sometimes, a song can say exactly what is going on in your life” Do you think this quote is true? For me, I could not agree more! There is one song that I like to replay it again and again when I feel so tired of my difficult life. This song can truly reflect what is going on in my mind and what I really feel right now. The song’s name is Fireflies by Owl City.

The meaning of this song is about the impossible wish or dream. The songwriter uses fireflies as a symbol of the memory in childhood. Since the time moves too quickly, and we grow up so fast, it is better to fall asleep and dream of the good old days than wake up to face with the reality. Listening to this song makes me miss my childhood – the time when I was just a little girl who was cheerful, lively, and had no worries at all. I smiled and laughed easily just when I was allowed to watch cartoon, got new toys, and listened to bedtime story. When I wanted something, I just promised to be a good girl or cried. Then I got what I want. Everything looked so easy for me. And when I cried, my family always comforted me. If something hurt me, they would pick me up and hug me. They made me feel warm and secured. I knew that they could protect me, and they would not leave me alone. At that time I saw the world exciting and interesting. I felt as if I were walking in the flower garden among the colorful butterflies flying around me. My little world seemed perfectly beautiful and was full of happiness.


However, everything has changed when time passed. As I grow up, my life becomes busy and difficult. I have to take more responsibility, and learn to solve the problems on my own. I realize that now I step into a real world. It is the world that I have to learn to stay alone without family’s protection. It is the world of competition, everyone has to fight for what they want, and I have to learn to be strong. Sometimes, I feel so tired and want to cry. I want to escape from this cruel world, and travel back in time when I was a little girl living happily in the little warm world, as the song says

“I’d like to make myself believe that planet Earth turns slowly. It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep cause everything is never as it seems.”

In conclusion, Fireflies by Owl City is the best song for me. It can describe what is going on in my life and reflect my thought and feeling well. As people say, it only takes one good song to bring back thousands of good old memories. Fortunately, I have found that song. So, what is about you? Do you have your favorite song? Let’s think about it!

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  1. i love this song too! although I never knew about the meaning of song
    Also, i think this song seems to be meaningful with your life!

  2. This is my most fav Owl City’s song ever !

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