My Friendship is (Pitch) Perfect.

My Friendship is (Pitch) Perfect.

It is the fact that human is social being. We cannot survive without social or friends. Someone might have a bad experience about friend but that never occur to me. Therefore, my life is very similar to my favorite movie which is Pitch Perfect.


Pitch Perfect is a movie about a cappella group from Barden University called Barden’s Bellas. The main theme of this movie is about friendship. In the group, there are many kinds of person in it. For example, Fat Amy, an Australian girl who prefers everyone to call her fat, is a very funny person, and she always cares about others. Additionally, they always help each other to get through every difficult situation.

My friendship is like the Barden’s Bellas group.  Each of my friend has different characteristic, for instance, one of my friend is always generous to others. She always offers a help if someone is in trouble. Furthermore, we also help each other to break through every bad moment. When I was in the last year of high school, I was anxious about the admission exam for the university. My friends were always besides me, and help me not to be stressful.

As shown above, my life can be reflected by the Pitch Perfect. Even though we are different, it does not mean we cannot be a good friend.

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