My Halloween

       What was you doing on the last Halloween day? How was it? Was it extremely fun? I have my impressive experience in my Halloween day to tell you guy all. One week before Halloween day my friend and I chose to celebrate our day at Khao San Road. Because at that place, there is many people go to hang out party every year. It sounds interesting. But when the Halloween day come just one of my friends and I are free on that day but we still want to arrange our party. So I went to supermarket buying pizza and beer and came back to our dorm. Having a small simply party just two people; my friend and I. When we finished having dinner, we found some clothes , made up ,and started painting our faces and bodies to be like ghosts. We prefer made up like the ghost that died from abortion and my friend dressed to be Mae Nak Pha Kha Nong. It was very fun, we took many photos and recorded video about ghost story and uploaded on our Facebook. Many people like them and follow our photos and video. It was the awesome Halloween Day.

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