My journey from 70 to 56 kg

My journey from 70 to 56 kg

Have you ever felt unconfident with your shape?  When I was child, my family always gave me delicious foods  and all the best things. At that moment,it was my enjoyable time. As times goes by,my shape get bigger and i gain a lot of weights. It was 70 kg when i was in high school. Looking myself in the mirror, it was disaster and shame.Then, I decide to lose weight to get the ultimate body. Before going to university, I spend around  4 months to make myself healthy and have a good shape. There are two basic tips that I want to share.

First,I thank my mom for cooking me healthy food and remind me not to give up. At that time,I eat consciously like boiled soup with chicken and steamed fish recipe. Eating like this everyday, it seems boring and it is not totally delicious. Anyways, I have to be more patient and keep doing this until it succeed. From my experiences, it is important to avoid oily foods even it was yummy and eat before 6 pm is helpful way to lose weight quickly. Sometimes,I wish for chocolate and snacks and I just take a little bit to fulfill energy. Also, Drink a lot of water per day and get enough sleep.Anyway, there are more mentioned tips that you can adapt in your routine.

And finally, exercise is powerful weapon to help anythings.My body feel lively as a bird. Also, my face is always bright and fresh. The good things I don’t get  sick easily and I am active woman. At that time,I did machine exercises and workouts at  gym 5 days and spend 2 hours. It was exhausted. However,I was  satisfied when the body was burned and sweating a lot during exercise. It feel awesome and I can do it. Now, I do a yoga three days per weeks. In my view, This exercise challenges to me because I get a great workout using only my body. Also,my muscles get strength and flexible.

     I am sure that everyone can reach the goal if you take actions.Also,be more patient during your path. Exercise regularly and eat  a healthy diet can help you have a good shape even it seems difficult to awake yourself. After having difficult time, you will be proud of yourself. My clothing size get smaller so I have more choice to wear clothes and I felt comfortable in my body after losing my weights. Now, I still keep do exercise and I hope this information will be an inspiration for you.

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  1. Yes! It is inspired me. It’s sooooo amazing to lose 24 kg. within 4 moths. Anyway, I wonder if you only eat healthy food, how many weight will you lose. ps. I want to lose weight but don’t want to exercise lol

  2. Such an inspirational story you got there! I’ve never known that you were 70kg. before. I thought you always have this amazing body and a super duper cute face like you’re right now. Big compliment btw!
    Anyway, exercise and good eating is sooooo hard for me to do but hope we can do some exercise together sometimes…if I stop procrastinating though haha

  3. I wish I could do and try as hard as you! Thanks for inpiration!

  4. Now your shape is very good. Your journey is admirable!

  5. Good story. Now I am feeling like exercise. See you next 4 months with my new shape. Hahaha Thank yoooou 😄

  6. Paritchaya Tichapan

    Your journey is very long and far. lol This is such a good tip! million thanks, Dream. XOXO

  7. I need to take your good advice. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That’s amazing! I wish I could have done the same thing. Thank you!

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