My Korean friend!!

My Korean friend!!

In my life, I wouldn’t think that I will have a chance to have Korean friends because I’m not really interested in them. Somehow I had a chance to meet one Korean girl. She was nice to me when we met but after I left, she told her host family that she didn’t like me. From that day, I always thought that she was so weird! Unfortunately, we became best friends later. Spending time with my Korean friend, I got lots of fun memories that I’ll never forget.

My Korean friend name McKenzie Kwak but most people called her Kwak cause it is easy to pronounce. We were living in the same house when we were in the US. In the house, she was the weirdest of all. She always said something funny like “This dog is so cute, I want to bite it”. Then everyone got strange feeling because everyone knew that she loved eating dog meat in Korea. Another funny thing was that I introduced her Thai fish sauce. She asked me what food can she use the fish sauce and I said that she can put in any kinds of food that she liked to. At first, she didn’t like the smell of it but later on she loved it. She put fish sauce in every food…yes i mean every food. One time we went to our friend’s house and she did brought the fish sauce with her!! On the table, she showed her fish sauce and then she pour it in spaghetti!! At night, Kwak and me always talked until it was getting late. Often we had a fart competition before we went to bed. Not just in the house but she also did some funny things at the school, too. One day, we were talking about something so funny and she just couldn’t stop laughing. Finally, she asked me to take her to the restroom cause she peed her pants and she couldn’t stop it. That day she went back to the classroom with the same pants!

Time flies and I haven’t met my Korean friend for almost 5 years now. I still miss her and all the memories that we’ve made together were memorable. I miss u McKenzie Kwak!! Hope to see you again. :))

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