My life is a journey

My life is a journey

The quote says “Every photo has its own story”. I have heard about this saying a lot, but never understood it completely. Until one day, I had nothing to do, but stared at the computer screen all day. Unexpectedly, I accidentally accessed my photo album which exhibited all photos since I joined in Facebook several years ago. I looked at every photo there, and smiled for no reason. At that time, I just thought that although it has been about only almost 5 years since I joined Facebook, there are still a lot of compiled photos that keep lots of moments. Thinking back to the time since I was born, there are a lot of moments that take place in my entire life. However, I realize that as time goes by, my life never stays still. It is compared as the journey, comprised of both delightful memories and unimpressive ones.

I was born in the countryside in Nongkhai province. I lived in the village, surrounded by only forest, stream, and agricultural areas, where even the mobile phone signal is difficult to access and, especially there are no buildings or any facilities to be served, but only one primary school where I had studied until grade 6. In my class, there were only 12 people, so everyone seemed so close to one another. I lived my life simply with the nature and enjoyed playing with my friends. We liked running on the farm, and swimming in the blue clear stream after school, and played on the mountain of straw. Particularly, when the rainy season came, it was such the best time for us to running on the farm while the rain was pouring hard. I went to the town only when my parents had affairs to do there. So, every time I had a chance to go into the town, I was always excited with how civilized it was. I was amazed at the large shopping mall where almost everything can be accessible, the streets that are full of a lot of cars, and a lot of people who can be seen in every corner of the street. However, these things are what I actually never get accustomed to.

Until I had a chance to study at grade 7 at Pathumthepwitthayakarn, the provincial high school of Nongkhai, which is located in the town area, this was the primary step that my eyes are open wider. I could see a lot of things that I had never seen or known before. Moreover, I could see and know new people, and it was the first time that I had to adjust myself a lot. Because I moved to the new society and faced a lot of people who have different personalities, it was a big challenge for a 12- year-old boy to get used to what I just met. I had one of the toughest times in my life here. I could not get along with some friends well and especially I often cried at school for some reasons. Unfortunately, I thought I had no close friends. I had studied here until grade 9 and three years of studying here is quite not impressive, but not all bad.

After I had graduated from the school in Nongkhai, I began studying grade 10 at Khonkaenwittayayon, located on Khonkaen province, which is the center of the northeastern region and such the most prosperous province in the region. This was the moment that has changed my life. Khonkaen let me see a lot of thing that I could not see in Nongkhai. As Khonkaen is bigger and more prosperous than Nongkhai, my eyes were opened much more wider in terms of its modernity and facilities. Khonkaen provides a lot of things, but Nongkhai does not. Apart from this, studying here, I could see a lot more friends and most of them were nice to me. Importantly, I had several close friends here, and we have still been friends until now. We spent more than 12 hours a day being together; we went to study together, and after school had been finished, we went to have a dinner together almost every day, so this was such a real friendship that I had searched for. Moreover, during the time I had studied here, I had to live in an apartment alone, so I had grown up a lot. To illustrate, I had to do everything by myself, and I could learn a lot of new things. I had to cope with something hard that I had never faced before. I had more freedom to do everything I wanted, but I had to control myself a lot at the same time. To say briefly, the real life that I had desired for was the three-year memory starting here, and I really enjoyed living my life at that moment.

After I had graduated from high school at Khonkaenwittayayon, I had a chance to study at Chulalongkorn University, located on the downtown of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. My life has changed a lot here in term of way of life. Living here, I have to live a city life like Bangkok citizens. Actually, I had never been to Bangkok before I studied here almost three years ago, so this was my first time to live in the most flourishing city in Thailand. To survive in this city, I have to adjust myself a lot and I face a lot of things, such as traffic congestion, rush hour, and crimes for the first time. As a result, I become a new person who realizes the significance of time and lives my life much more carefully. In addition to living a city life, studying in the bachelor degree allows me to learn a lot of things. I myself figure out that studying here is quite competitive. As it is commonly known, Chulalongkorn University is ranked as the number one university of Thailand, there are numerous intelligent students gathered here. Thus, the time of examination is what students compete with one another. However, although everyone’s destination is the competition, their journey is the collaboration. I mean most of my university friends are generous and helpful. Before the examination takes place, I and my friends help one another teach about the examination’s contents wholeheartedly, which makes me feel deeply impressed. Frankly, even though I am not as close to university friends as my high school’s ones, they are still reliable and trustworthy friends whom I really admire.

Thinking back to what has happened in my entire life, I can perceive that my life is full of both good and bad moments. It is like a journey that every moment gives me a lesson to be learned. Personally, I believe that my life gradually changes in better direction as time flies. Furthermore, since I was born, I have never been abroad, but in the future, I promise myself that I will be able to go overseas. I still love to see new people, and face experienced environments that allow me to learn and develop myself. Hence, my journey will keep going on as long as my last breath is not reached yet.

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