My Life, Silence That Lasts Four and Half a Minute

My Life, Silence That Lasts Four and Half a Minute


What did you see above? The topic? The headers? Or just a blank square? Doesn’t matter, however. What you see might be what you will see me, the author of this article. What I am going to write next will be about a song, that prettily represents parts of my life.

The name of the song is 4’33″(Four Thirty-Three). The main characteristics of this song are rather simple. Like other contemporary songs, this song is not too short nor too long. It is only four minutes and thirty-three seconds in length. Another simple thing is that this song is very easy to play on any instrument. Literally, anyone can play it. The whole component of this song is pure silence. What audiences will be hearing during the four minutes and a half is nothing but the sound of their breaths and environmental sounds.

Many times, I think my life is nothing but a boring space. I know I’m not being recognized by many people like others are. I’m not a funny talker. I’m not very helpful. But, I think I can make other people, my friends, my colleagues, my family shine brighter, like the silent song makes the worst song in 21st century hearable. Also. when the silent song is played, other sounds like breathing, whispering, footsteps become clearer and easier to be heard. It’s the same way that everyone looks great because I don’t look like them.

That explains why I relate my life to the silent song. Despite all of that, I don’t think that I’m useless at all. What’s so sad being silence as I’m happy with my life? You all know, in the midst of chaos and mainstream-ness, there is a place where I belong to, peace and tranquility.

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  1. We have same song displaying our boring life then 😉

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