My lonely experience

My lonely experience

Have you ever been alone? The answer is yes, right? Everyone sometimes has to be alone  in some places and then you may feel lonely. The loneliness is the common feeling that people used to feel. Someone may know it well. It causes people to feel empty. For some people they will become a cowardly person. They will hesitate, they cannot make up their mind whether they should do something or not. That kind of person is me. I really don’t want to go somewhere or do something alone. I feel like the loneliness lower my confident. But unfortunately, in some situation I cannot refuse.

I felt lonely even if I was surrounded by many people, that loneliness happened when I was 15, I had to fly back alone from New York to Bangkok for the first time. My aunt came to the airport with me. When I had to leave her, I began to cry. I tried to stop my tear, but it didn’t work. My tear dropped like a waterfall. Every feeling came to me, scared, excited, loneliness. My heart felt dizzy and cold because I know that I will be isolated for almost 24 hours. Finally, I went to the gate sitting alone. Although, there were lots of people around me, I felt I was alone. The group of people talking happily made me jealous. The more people around, the more I felt lonely. There was no one I can talk to. When the gate opened, I went to my window seat on the plane. Nothing to do much in the plane, I just watched the movie . When I got bored, I opened the window and look out. I saw nothing  but just the white cloud and the blue sky, I knew I should enjoy the beauty of it but I didn’t. It even made me feel lonelier, and then the plane flew above the iceberg and the mountain covered with snow.  I could feel the cold of the ice and the snow, it came into my heart. There was nothing around those mountains. What I saw is just the white of the snow, it was just like what inside my heart felt that moment. It was empty and lonely.

If compare the loneliness like a friend, this friend will be the one who will absorb your happiness, your enjoyment, your sense, and your mind. After I arrived at Bangkok, My heart said no more going somewhere alone because I don’t want to meet a friend named loneliness anymore, I know you neither.

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